Megan’s Month: March 2017


Oh sneaky little month’ve passed by so incredibly fast. It seems like just yesterday that I was praying for February to be over so I could get over that non stop sickness, and now baseball season is right around the corner.

Life does that to you.

You think that you’ll be stuck in your daily routine, or whatever problem you’re facing will last all day every day.

Then it’s over.

Everything goes by so fast.

My wonderful little bundle of joy turned five months old this month…


It might not seem like much but all of my mom friends can agree that it all goes by so fast. He’s so close to crawling, next he’ll be walking, and if I’m lucky he’ll be running.

That kid keeps us on our toes.

He had a little ear infection this month and it caused Jason and I to be more aware, well we are already but more aware. Any spare time we had was spent by his side making sure he was comfortable and happy.

Which this kid always is.


He is happy 97 percent of the time and I love it. It makes me think, if a 5 month old has a fever and an ear infection and he can still smile, then I can too.

His joy for life and curiosity is everything.

Track also started this month, well technically it started on February 27th, but you get my point.

That has been a crazy ride within itself.

I usually coach the distance runners because hello, distance running runs through my veins.

My dad and I started the hurdle program back up last year and it consisted of four runners who met maybe three times a week and jumped over hurdles for 20 minutes or so.

It has now grown to 12 consistent hurdlers who all work so hard, and I’m not just saying that. I haven’t worked with my usual distance kids, it’s weird, but I like our hurdlers. I like what we’ve created.

These kids listen to us, have faith in us, and trust us. There is now this little hurdle family that I’m so proud of and they’ve only competed in two meets so far.

That’s another thing.

A majority of these hurdlers have either never done it before, or are freshmen. In middle school they jumped over a much shorter height than in high school. For instance, in middle school the boys ran the 100 meter over 30 inch hurdlers, in high school they have to adjust to the 110 meter with 39 inch hurdlers.

Nine inches might not see like a lot, but you should compare the two if you ever get a chance.

These kids do it though.

They adjust to the change of middle school to high school, or never jumping over a hurdle before and they do it.

They aren’t afraid, or if they are they don’t show it at all.

They continue to improve and run the workouts even though it’s such a new change.

That’s mainly what March has consisted of.. Ian and Track.

I go to work, go to practice, pick Ian up from my mom, take care of him and our family, sleep, and do it until the weekend.

That’s why it goes by so fast.

We are all so buckled down on our routines, and next thing you know your child is approaching six months and you’re staring at old newborn pictures on your phone…just me…cool.

But that’s fine.

Routines are just fine, your routine is what makes your life.

I love my routine and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

And what’s most important, is that when you’re routine gets tough, when you have a hurdle to get over, that you get over it.

Life sometimes doesn’t go “according to plan” and things happen.

New things, hard things, scary things.

But you find the beauty in them and you grow.

That’s my theme this month..

Being brave in spite of the hard things.

I’ve seen on multiple different occasions this month, people being brave and doing things that seem hard. Whether you’re a five month old baby and you smile through a sickness, or you’re a runner learning a new event.

You become brave and you tackle the hard stuff.

Some other things I’ve been loving this month..

Drake’s “More Life” Album

Jane the Virgin

Venti Iced Coffee’s

Working out

My sister

Teaching Ian how to crawl

Listening to music loudly


March had a lot of beauty hidden in it. There was a lot of growth and courage from so many different people around me. So many people tackling things in their lives. Jumping over those little hurdles that would scare anyone else. They put their brave faces on and tackled the hard stuff. In the midst of their daily routines, they tackled it all. Try not to get so lost in the hard things, try to find the good and them. And appreciate the good in your daily routines.

Soundtrack to March 2017:


Quote of the month:

“The hardest step she ever took was to blindly trust in who she was.”


Things I learned in College.


How did it go by so fast?

June 2017 is quickly approaching, and it will mark 5 years since I graduated college.

Excuse me while I cry in the corner for a minute ..

College was a lot at first. I started out at a private christian college up in Portland with my sister.

After a few short months of memories that I will always cherish, and some things that weren’t as much fun, we were off to Community College to try and get our next steps figured out. We completed two terms there and continued running when the opportunity came to attend Western Oregon University. We jumped on that train real fast.

I loved Western. I loved the people I met, the memories I made, the walks to and from the track, everything about that place helped shaped me into the person I am today.

It’s crazy thinking about the person I was when I started College and the person I am now. I went through college not being able to imagine my life without it.  I thought the real world was some fake thing that would never actually happen until I was dropped into it without a parachute.

You learn things in college.


But a majority of the things you don’t even realize you’ve learned until years have passed. I know quite a bit of people who are in college, or who will be attending in the next few years and I want them to have the best experiences. I want them to make mistakes, learn from them, and make some more.

You won’t learn until you make mistakes and grow.

At least that’s how I see it.

I’ve compiled a list of 14 things I learned in college. These are just 14 out of the many that I learned. I believe everyone will have their own memories, mistakes, and lessons that they go through. These are just some of mine.

  1. Hide out in the library- Seriously. There will be projects that take so much time and sanity from you that you will need an escape. You will need a space to just lay everything out and look at it. Figure it out and get it done. I ended up going to the library just to people watch and relax sometimes. We had these giant floor to ceiling windows that I loved.  I grabbed a coffee, sat in a chair and just people watched.
  2. Don’t force friendships- I tried so hard to get this one girl to like me. She had no reason to dislike me as much as she did and yet she still did. It bothered me. I wanted so bad to fix it. I hated walking around knowing that someone thought the worst of me. It wasn’t until the day she told me “I’ll put up with you here, but I’m not your friend and I’ll never be” that it finally hit me. Some people won’t like you..and it’s their problem not yours.
  3. Dance- I am an awful dancer, I have lots of people that can tell you that, but I love it. I loved being out with my friends and singing along to the music as loud as we could and just dancing. It probably wasn’t dancing, I think I just jumped up and down until I couldn’t feel my feet anymore. In those moments I forgot everything that was going on and only cared about my friends and the music.
  4. Have at least one best friend of the opposite sex- I adore this person. We hardly talk anymore and I’m not sure if he reads these things but I will always cherish his friendship. At first I thought he was the most annoying person ever and I probably told him I hated him multiple times a day. I can’t quite remember how we became close but I ended up being able to talk to him about anything and everything. It’s so good to get another perspective. If you’re having boy problems and go to all of your girlfriends they will give you a lot of the same advice. If you go to a boy, he will most likely tell you how it is. He won’t sugar anything and he will always look out for you.
  5. Take lots of pictures- This one is so incredibly important. Take as many pictures of anything and everything that you can.
  6.  Register for a class that you normally wouldn’t- My favorite classes at Western were all ones that I didn’t plan on registering for; Theatre Arts, Coaching Youth Sports, and Creative Writing. Creative Writing was probably my favorite. I didn’t know anyone, I was terrified, and I had no idea what I was doing. I wanted to quit once I found out that we had to write a short story and read it to the entire class. We had to let them critique it out loud. Meanwhile you had to sit at your desk and just take it without defending yourself. It got me to get outside of my comfort zone, to try new things, and to be open to criticism. My story ended up being the one piece of work I was the most proud of in College.
  7. Be present- This one seems obvious but sometimes we need a reminder to pay attention. People need to be present in their lives and make memories. Never miss a good opportunity to laugh so hard you cry, or those late night conversations about life and love because you’re glued to your phone.
  8. Don’t be afraid to take a risk- This can be anything. Taking a risk in the classroom, joining a new club, introducing yourself to someone new, anything. You will always regret those opportunities you didn’t take.
  9. Procrastinate- This might be weird. I’m not saying to avoid all of your school work and put everything off until you’re going crazy because you have a 12 page essay due the next day and you haven’t even picked a topic. Don’t do that, but some things I remember the most involve being up till 2 in the morning drinking my body weight in coffee. Everyone should experience those late nights, endless amounts of caffeine and laughing because you’re so stressed out. It’s part of the experience.
  10. Don’t give your trust out- Be cautious of who you trust. Some people will seem like they have the best intentions when all they care about is themselves. Don’t be skeptical of everyone you meet, just be careful of who you put your trust in.
  11. Find your true friends- I had five true friends by the time I graduated. I had lots of friends, but only a few people I would do anything for. These people are your support team. They will be there when you’re alone and scared, when you have a hilarious story to tell, or when you need advice. They will love you unconditionally and be there for you the second you need them. They are your lifelines.
  12. Don’t waste your time trying to be what others want you to be- This one’s tough. It might take you 4 years to learn. You might not even realize that you’re too busy trying to impress everyone that you’ve lost yourself. If everyone’s at a party and you only want to go because you’re afraid of what they’ll say if you don’t go, stay at home. Don’t focus so much on trying to get other people to like you, it’s draining and will never work.
  13. Spend some alone time- It can be in your dorm room, on a park bench, or at a table outside of the coffee shop, but be comfortable being alone. There’s beauty in being able to appreciate your own company. I would always spend the hour of downtime I had between my two morning classes my senior year, outside of the coffee shop on campus. I would sit on a table and work on homework, or drink coffee and people watch, but I loved it so much.
  14. Focus on you- At the end of the day you matter the most. You’re the one earning the degree, you’re the one paying for school, and you’re the one that’s going to have all of these memories. Do whatever you want to do. Study the degree that you want to study, spend time with whoever you want to spend time with, and don’t hold back. These are your four years and your time to grow and prepare for life.

College goes by so fast. So incredibly fast. Make the best out of it and cherish everything. Remember the walk to and from your classes, the smell of the morning, and the way campus looks in the fall. Remember it all and cherish it.

Thanks for letting me flash back to college.





It’s a word right?

Well the little red line telling me I’ve made a spelling error isn’t there so I’m making the executive decision that its a word.

You might have heard the word fearless before, in a Taylor Swift song or on a girls Instagram caption. According to google fearless is defined as

a lack of fear.

I’m going to call googles bluff on this one. I think it’s almost impossible for someone to not have a single fear. I won’t say it’s completely impossible, but its borderline impossible. Everyone is afraid of something.

To me, the word fearless has a different meaning. I think being fearless is living in spite of the things that you fear. Fearless is knowing what you’re afraid of and doing it anyways. If you’re terrified of spiders but you squish that giant spider on the wall, you’re fearless.

It’s a small example but its still showing that someone was fearless.

Think about it.

If someone’s afraid of spiders and they kill it, they just did something they were afraid of.

If you can’t swim but you jump in the deep end because you want nothing more than to know how to swim.

You sign up for a marathon even though you’ve never ran more than 14 miles in your life and you can’t fathom doing another 12.

You’ve gotten your heart broken so many times but you decide to take a chance and text this incredibly cute guy because you can’t stop thinking about him.

All examples of being living in spite of your fears.

You aren’t being completely fearless, you are doing something fearlessly.

You are recognizing that something scares you, that it holds you back from getting what you want out of life. You realize that yes, you have a fear but it’s not stronger than you. That you are so much more than what you’re  afraid of. You take a deep breath and do it, whatever it is, and you do it fearlessly. As if in that moment in time, your fear doesn’t exist.

I write encouraging note cards for my athletes before every race, there first meet is tomorrow and I found myself using one word many times.


That’s how I got to this blog post. I started thinking about that word and what I was telling my kids to do. I was telling them to be fearless.

I was telling them that even though they might be nervous for their first meet to not let that hold them back. To run fast even though this was their first time doing this event, or run as if you’re the fastest person out there even though according to paper you might not be. Fearless.

I have grown to love this word so much and everything associated with it. To be fearless you must have confidence, strength, bravery, and heart. Everything that is important in life, especially when you’re a runner.

I can think of one time in particular when I was fearless. I was sixteen and I was running my second distract track meet for the 3000 against some big competition. I believe I came in ranked 8th or so. It must have been 85 degrees outside, it was the first event of the day and there I was, a little 100 pound scared to death high school sophomore, standing next to sixteen other girls.

I was scared. I felt like there was so much pressure but I ran. I honestly can’t remember much except the fact that I just kept running. I remember having this feeling every time I passed another girl.

There goes another one.

This feels so good.

I have to keep passing people.

Next thing I know I sprint through the finish line seven and a half laps later completely dead. My teammate came over to the fence and asked me if I knew what I just did. Obviously I had no idea I just kept running and passing people. She yelled at me “You took second place!! You’re going to State!” I was so insanely happy and I just remember it clicking.

I was afraid that I was going to fail, but something clicked inside me. Something told me, who cares if you fail, go out there and run as if you can’t fail.

Yes, everything in my life I can relate back to running.

But it’s one of my favorite examples of living fearlessly.

I believe we all have fears, but if we simply go through life letting those fears take control of us we will always be stuck.

We will never find out what more we are capable of if were afraid to try anything.

We will never see our true potential.

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”

This quote sums it up perfectly.

Whatever passion you have in life, whatever sets your soul on fire and consumes you, do anything you can to pursue that. Yes, it might be terrifying and might seem impossible but that’s the fear talking. Sometimes we let the fear of the unknown over power our ability to make our dreams come true.

The thing I’m afraid of most in life, is failing.

But I continue to live my life fearlessly in spite of it. I continue to try and grow in pursuit of the things I desire most in life.

If we all just stopped trying once we got scared no one would be able to do anything truly amazing.

So live in spite of those fears.

Live fearlessly.